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Radio Cornwall

Well, we made it onto Radio Cornwall this morning just after 8am. We should also have been on Spotlight's early morning bulletin, but I didn't get to see that. Did anyone else? Two Death Cafes today at the Liskerrett Centre, one at 10am, the other at 5.30pm this evening.

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  • Darn it!  I missed this because the snippet on this evening's Spotlight was the first I'd heard of the group.  I'd be very interested in attending any future meetings so I hope there will be more.  In the meantime I shall look for more information; I've reached the age where thoughts of alternative ways of dealing with the final chapter are becoming more prevalent! 

    • I’m surprised you hadn’t seen any of the other publicity, Rosemary. Especially as there was a lot of information in the Liskerrett Centre as well as elsewhere in the town & online. If you’re happy for us to add your e-mail to our mailing list, we can keep you in touch with future events. Thank you for your interest.

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